Transits of the Sun

Copyright © March 1999 by Joanne Wickenburg. 

The Sun is the great giver of life; without it, nothing would exist on our planet. In fact, without the Sun, our great Mother Earth would have never been born. The Sun is the nucleus of our Solar System; all planets revolve around it and are held in orbit by its incredible power and magnetism. Likewise, in astrology, the Sun represents the very "core" of our lives. It portrays the essence of who we are. It is the glue that holds us together.

In the astrological chart, the Sun Sign describes how we make sense out of life-how we come to understand and synthesize the various experiences we encounter on our pathways through life. Its mission is to help us grow and evolve; to understand the importance of life. If it weren't for the Sun, all other "parts" of our personalities (planets) would function haphazardly with no direction, having no ability to work together cohesively as a team.

As an example consider the planet, Mercury, whose "job" in your life is to gather information. If the bits and pieces of data acquired by Mercury were never illuminated by the Sun, you would be unable to weave the many fragmented facts together in a manner that made any sense. The Sun operates like a neon light going off in your head that says, "I get it now! I finally see the light."  

As another example, reflect on the planet, Venus. It represents your values. Its sign, house and the aspects it makes to other planets in the chart show what you want for yourself … what will make you happy. If the Sun never touched your Venus, you would never come to understand or appreciate your individual value, nor would you fully appreciate the fragrant aroma of a field of flowers, the feel of newborn skin, or the pleasure of a lover's kiss.

Throughout the course of each year, the Sun moves through each sign of the Zodiac and highlights, by transit, every planet in the chart. In other words, it moves through the degrees of the Zodiac that held planets when you were born. As i does so, it brings new life, vitality and purpose to the various planetary energies. On or near your birthday every year, the Sun returns to the same sign, degree and minute of space that it occupied at the exact moment of your birth. When it reaches this point, you are infused with new solar energy that will sustain you for another solar year. But that's another subject altogether, and I refer  you to my e-book, "The Solar Return Chart--Your Year Ahead."

The actual sector or House containing the transiting Sun shows a specific area of your life where the "lights" will be turned on for the next 30 days. It describes where experiences will be met that encourage you to learn, to grow, and to become more conscious of your basic needs and the effects of your behaviors. Because the Sun illuminates, something that has been hidden in the past will likely "come to the light".

For example, if you find the Sun in the:

1st HOUSE: This is your month to shine; the lights will be on you. Pay attention to how others see you. The first impression you make on them is a reflection of your self-image. If you are confident, your persona will be radiant and others will be warmed by your solar glow.  If not, this transit brings opportunity to work on self improvement.

You will have opportunities to grow as an individual. It's your month to be "self-centered" in the most positive sense of the term. Ask yourself, "what do I need for me?" Take advantage of what is available to help you find a new source of strength and confidence in your ability to meet life's challenges independently.

Tell the world that "what you see is what you get." Your dress, your mannerisms and your overall presentation to the world makes a loud if unspoken statement about who you are. Pay attention to your body language. What is it saying to others? This is a time to learn about you.

2nd HOUSE: Can you survive independently without relying on others to sustain you? Perhaps the survival strategies you have used until now have become a bit obsolete. This is a month to focus on your value as an individual. What are you doing with your life that has real worth?

In today's world, personal worth is sometimes only measured by what people own in the material world. But your 2nd House "assets" include something much more complex than mere money. Yes, this sector of the chart rules your financial well being; that's a vital part of survival. It is important to realize, however, that the 2nd House rules physical, emotional and spiritual strengths and survival skills as well.

The experiences you will encounter throughout the month will challenge you to define what your worth really is. What are your God-given talents? Are you using them in your daily life? Do you have the strength and fortitude to maintain your life independently? You will meet opportunities to understand and utilize your assets in a new "light".

3rd HOUSE: This area of the chart deals with your relationship with your community. The Sun here promises that there is new information available to you within your immediate environment, and it encourages you to take advantage of new learning opportunities. By connecting with those around you, you will grow. There's no need to travel to far-away places to find answers to important questions. What you need is close at hand if you but just look around.

Communication is important this year. Try your hand at writing; spend time reading; ask lots of questions and learn something new. Get in touch with your intellect. Get involved with your community and take advantage of the facilities available within it. Take time to get to know your neighbors. Because this is the House ruling siblings, it is a good month to examine your relationship with them as well.

4th HOUSE: This is an important month for you. Old beliefs about emotional safety will be highlighted; you will meet opportunities that encourage you to re-define what security really is. This is a good month to look back in your life, to examine your past in order to see your future in a new light. Perhaps you will want to explore your family genealogy. How have early family dynamics colored the way you feel about yourself? This is your time to examine your "roots" and start building new personal foundations that will hold you up in the future.

Does the physical home where you now reside provide a safe haven for you? Does it still fulfill its original purpose? Is it where you want to be? If not, this is a month you might consider relocating in order to find a home that reflects not just who you are, but who you are becoming. Of course, changing residences once every year isn't practical, but it is a good time to improve your home life.

5th HOUSE: What kind of legacy will you leave for the future? Your children? Your works of art? Hopefully it's a piece of your heart. Explore your "passion" and create something that truly reflects the essence of you.


The 5th House is where your heart is; it describes what and who you love … what gives you pleasure, what brings you joy. This is the house of recreation, procreation and the process of creation itself. Thus, it rules your children, and issues surrounding children may be important to look at this month.

The Sun will highlight your creative potential. While the 2nd House rules your God-given talents, this House provides the outlet for their physical manifestation. Create something this month that carries your "signature" and says to the world, "I was here".

6th HOUSE: There are certain things in life that require daily attention … basic responsibilities that must be met. The focus of this month involves basic work obligations that may not bring recognition, but must nevertheless be acknowledged and met. Are you fulfilling a useful purpose in the routine hours of your life?  Examine your habits and make changes if changes are needed.

How do you handle the daily responsibilities that your job requires? Do you get along with co-workers? Is the work that you do important? You need to shine in the workplace, but not at the expense of production. And what about your health? Do you take good care of yourself on a routine daily level? This is an outstanding period to design new health routines.

7th HOUSE: The Sun in the 7th House sheds light on your relationships and how you interact with others. Cooperation and sharing will be highlighted this month. Do you know how to function in a partnership with others? Can you stand in another person's shoes without losing yourself in the process? Can you both give and receive? Are you in a relationship that encourages both? While the 1st House Sun shines on you personally, this position of the Sun requires you to share the limelight with others.

There's an old expression that says, "like attracts like". You will have an opportunity to see yourself through others' eyes; they will be your mirror, showing you a truer reflection of who you are than what you may believe yourself to be.

The opposite of cooperation is competition, also ruled by the 7th House of a chart. For this reason, you need to be aware of what's going on in the lives of your competitors.

8th HOUSE: While the 7th House deals with cooperation and sharing, the 8th House deals with intimacy and the personal transformation that occurs as a result of the merging of life energies. Ego-centered patterns must be curbed in order to maintain relationships over time. Trust must be established.

This will be a month that will challenge you to deal with issues of trust. If trust cannot be attained, this might be the time to let go and move on with your life. This is your time for "house cleaning", a month challenging you to get rid of superficial people or ideas in your life in order to make room for relationships that have value.

This is also the house of financial investments … merging your resources with those of others in order to create a new source of income that you could not create alone.

9th HOUSE: This is your monthr to look beyond the immediate to find answers. Explore what has previously seemed "foreign" and unavailable to you within your environment. Broaden your horizons through travel or extended learning.

This House not only rules philosophy, but it also rules intolerance and bigotry. If ideas or people who are different in some way have been intimidating to you in the past, now is a great time to open your mind and be more inclusive. It's a great time to return to college, to travel, to plan your vacations if travel is part of your desire, to search for a larger meaning to your life. Don't be limited by your surroundings. Dare to look beyond.

10th HOUSE: This month promotes recognition and highlights career and success. You could be recognized for your accomplishments, or, if not motivated, your lack of them. Your public image … the "professional" you … will be highlighted in an important way.

Does your career support your sense of purpose? Can you see importance in what you do? Are you recognized and appreciated for what you bring to the world? You need to be. You need to shine, take pride in your accomplishments and feel good about your social role. You've reached an important apex this month and you deserve the limelight for awhile. Be the boss; be the pilot of your own ship. Experience being a leader.

11th HOUSE: This is your month to get out and socialize with others; come to know yourself as a part of a larger group. If you tend to be a private or timid person, this month will give you more confidence to move into the world and mingle. There are things to learn through group encounters. There are opportunities to be gained from the networking that occurs within a group dynamic.

If you are professional person, this is a month to reach out and meet others who share your professional expertise. New opportunities, new ideas and new inspiration will be the result. Goals for the future will be defined, especially if they include some social "cause". If you are drawn to some humanitarian objective, the Sun will lighten the path that will lead you to a doorway that will welcome your admission.

12th HOUSE: This is a month to explore your past and come to terms with old patterns that could prohibit future progress. You'll be learning lessons in humility as you are reminded by life events that you are only one cell in the body of mankind, and while your role is important, there is more to life than you.

This is a great month for spiritual development. Be sure to put aside more time than normal for meditation and quiet contemplation. You are completing a cycle and preparing to begin anew. This requires faith in an unknown future and a strong belief in yourself.  Your physical vitality may be at low ebb; the solar rays are focusing on spiritual and psychological revelation.

The 12th House rules the "hidden" you, the quiet you that others can never fully know. It rules your secrets, and it also rules your innermost strengths. If there are skeletons in your closet, they might very-well come to the light. The Sun's illumination into the 12th house of privacy is sometimes uncomfortable, but always brings opportunity to commune with your higher self.